A multitude of money saving uses for waste disposal and recycling in areas such as: Factories, mechanical engineering, plastics industry, rubber industry, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, retail stores and local authorities.




The Harpac Bergmann R1250 will decrease your upcoming volume of waste considerably and stands for a reduction of your final costs for waste disposal to a minimum.


  • High compaction results due to special rotating drum
  • Continuous feeding
  • Installation and compaction on the spot
  • Compaction in an ecological acceptable plastic or paper sack
  • Space saver
  • Easy handling, high operating facility
  • Accessories offered in great variety upon request

Depth 1575mm
Width 1200mm
Height 2195 – 2605

Own weight 2116 lbs.
Packing Volume 1.63 cu yds
Electrical data 3 ph / 380-415V / 50hz

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