In 1988, Hardall formed its construction division to specialise in the removal and replacement of old concrete and clayware chutes installed in 1960's medium and high rise blocks of flats. Since then, scores of projects have been completed by Hardall often working as main contractor on contracts for various local authorities throughout the UK.  case study >

Example of dilapidated concrete chute, typical of many council blocks.

The same view after a replacement chute has been installed by Hardall.

Pepys Estate, London
Hardall were employed as main contractor by the London Borough of Lewisham to upgrade the refuse chute system on a number of blocks on this estate.  The contract, worth 450,000 was completed in 2001.

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Ferrers Close, Tile Hill, Coventry
A 10 storey chute replacement completed in 4 weeks, Febuary 2002

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