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Over the 18 years since Hardall's inception, literally hundreds of chutes have been exported to both middle & far eastern countries and parts of Europe including Italy and Spain.  The following is just a handful of some of the most notable projects under taken.

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Golden Pyramids Plaza, Cairo
Refuse Chutes


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Golden Pyramids Plaza, Cairo
Linen Chute

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Gazprom Housing Project, Moscow
Chutes and Compactors

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Al Harty Complex, Muscat
Chutes and Compactors



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Forte Grand Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Refuse Chute and Linen Chut


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Sky Tower, Dubai, UAE
Refuse Chute


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Hotel Arts, Barcelona
Linen Chute


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Bugis Junction, Hotel and Shopping, Singapore
Linen Chute


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