Automatic Fire Door

Essential for use with all sizes of refuse and linen chutes.  An automatic fire door gives a vital 1 hour fire protection from any fire in the refuse or linen room.
Hardall automatic fire doors are built to an exceptionally high standard of precision and safety.  Operation is by 2 powerful springs pulling against a 70deg.C fusible link .  In the event of a fire the fusible link breaks and the springs pull the shutter door across the chute.  Hardall fire doors normally have a 1 hour fire rating but are also available with a 2 hour rating where specified.



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Fire Sprinklers

Sprinklers are 1/2" B.S.P or 15mm connection, fusible bulb.
Fire officer approved, the sprinklers come into action at 68deg.C.
Protective guards are fitted to protect the sprinkler head from damage caused by falling refuse.  Sprinklers are replaceable by removing the hopper door.

NB: All connecting pipework to be installed by others





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