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A larger capacity container refuse compactor, which combines automatic high capacity refuse compaction with both low capital and low running cost, suitable for use with 600 and 800dia. refuse chutes or  manual feed.

An automatic, hydraulically operated ram compactor using the extrusion principle to shear, crush and compact most types of domestic refuse and garbage.   Operating at pressures around 40,000 lbs., the machine compacts refuse down to at least 25% of its original volume (4:1) ; packaging it directly into specially adapted containers.

Manual, mechanical or chute fed.  Designed to compact and package high volumes of most types of refuse, from most types of location directly into a modified 1100L (or larger) container.  Containers are emptied by rear loading or front loading vehicles.

Under maximum operating conditions the Harpac H250 will disinfect, compact and package in excess of 750 KGs per hour of typical domestic or other refuse.

The compaction chamber has a capacity of 0.35m3 with a machine cycle time of around 40 seconds giving a theoretical compaction volume of 30m3/hour.  Though the machine rarely hits its full theoretical operating capacity, it does have sufficient capacity to meet wide load variances.

A photoelectric beam is broken by the refuse, which commences the machines automatic cycle. The refuse is disinfected and forced between heavy steel restrictors to produce compaction.  The compacted refuse is then extruded into a steel Harcon compaction container.

Technical Information:

The main body of the compactor is one rectangular steel tube made from 10mm plate.   The compacting ram is made from 6mm plate with the face of the ram increased to 25mm plate to effectively handle the 40,000 lbs. of thrust generated by the machine.   Total weight  is 800Kg.

Hydraulic Power Pack
A pre-packaged, fully connected, integrally mounted system, develops over 3,000 p.s.i. Normal operating pressure is approximately 1000 p.s.i.

Motor – 40 second cycle time 4.6 kW. 1450rpm, T.E.F.C Class F insulation.

Pump – Pressure balanced external gear type.

Pump Rate – 10-15 litre/min – Oil reservoir – 30 litres.

Control valves – 4 way.

Electrical Controls and Supply
All controls housed in easily accessible keyed cabinet which can be mounted either side of the machine (or remotely at request).

Supply – UK 415 volts, 3 phase 5 wire, 15A, 50Hz Fused Isolator or 20A RCD motor trip.

Export – Most voltages and cycles available.

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