On site waste compaction for buildings
with up to 25 families or in stainless steel
for catering applications.

The smallest chute fed bag compactor in the Harpac range designed for use in apartment blocks, hotel, hospitals, blocks of flats or anywhere a chute delivers compactable refuse. Also used free standing as a hand fed unit.

The bag capacity is 100 litres. with the excellent compaction compaction ratio of this machine each bag will weigh 20-35kg adjustable to suit each installation.  This compactor will serve up to 25 families.

A photoelectric beam is broken by falling refuse which commences the machines automatic cycle.  The refuse is disinfected and compacted into a heavy guage plastic sack by a vertical hydraulic ram. Refuse can also be loaded manually through a hopper door and a push button used to start.


Depth (mm) 1350 chute fed
800 hand fed
Width (mm) 760
Height (mm) 1800
Motor 1.1kw
Power Supply 240V, 50Hz
Cycle time 25 sec
Weight 500Kg
Capacity 100 litres
Average Compacted Bag Weight 25Kg


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