HARDALL / TVS pneumatic refuse and linen transfer systems are in use in a variety of buildings, from hospitals and hotels to major industrial facilities.  Hardall TVS systems can be installed in new buildings or during the expansion or renovation of existing structures.In addition Hardall TVS can modify existing gravity chute systems to transport refuse or soiled linen to an appropriate destination.

Hardall TVS systems are used in:

  • Health care facilities
    Nursing Homes
    Other facilities

  • Office buildings
    High-rise or horizontal
    Office parks

  • Hotels
    Major resorts
    High-rise or horizontal

  • Institutions
    Colleges and Universities

  • Recreational developments
    Amusement parks
    Sports complexes

  • Industry
    Waste removal and
    material transport


Hardall/TVS Projects
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Typical Arrangement

Major System Components:

  1. Air Intakes

  2. A full vacuum system allows for offsets in a riser.  Lateral pipe runs and offsets can be installed to meet building design requirements

  3. Vertical risers

  4. Hardall / TVS loading stations

  5. Lateral conveying pipes

  6. Hardall / TVS systems can be customised to suit ay number of risers to any number of buildings

  7. Uplift loading station

  8. Carton shredder

  9. Linen collector

  10. Trash collector

  11. Twin centrifugal fans generate the required CFM for efficient material transportation

  12. Cross-over connection assures continuous operation while one fan is out of action

  13. Wet scrubber serves as a sound attenuator while cleaning the discharged air

  14. Adjustable frequency drive regulates the fan speed to ensure optimum performance

  15. System control panel

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