Electric Interlocks

Electric interlocks are used to increase safety levels for both refuse and linen chutes.  Though not a general requirement they improve and enhance the operation of chutes.

Electric interlocks can be fitted to all Hardall hoppers and linen chute doors.   The electric circuit can be linked to a building management system including smoke and fire detectors.  Pre-set time delays are also normally specified for hospital linen chutes to minimise air movement within the chutes and between ward floors.   This reduces the risk of cross contamination.

Operational Uses
1.  Locks all doors or hoppers when the automatic chute cleaning system is in operation, thus preventing refuse falling on top of the brush sweep.
2.  Allows use of only one door or hopper at a time, giving greater user safety.
3.  Locks off all doors and hoppers in response to smoke detectors or to customer specification.
4.  Minimises air movement within the chute.

Power Supply & Specification
Electro-magnetic solenoid bolts for linen chute doors, push button to open, doors normally locked.
Electro-magnetic latch lock for refuse chutes, doors normally unlocked.
12/24 volts 50/60Hz, 10Amps max.
Pre-set timer delay on/off, range 5/200 sec. 

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Hopper Door Interlock

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Linen Door Interlock

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