Hardall linen chutes - The most efficient method of controlling the movement of soiled linen in mid or high rise buildings.

Fitted internally or externally in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and private dwellings.

Material Specification
Although not included in any British standard, Hardall linen chutes are manufactured to the same high quality as Hardall refuse chutes normally from stainless steel and   with a material thickness of 1.5mm. (other material and thicknesses available). Hardall linen chute doors are side hinged, self closing have a certified 2 hour fire rating and can also be smoke sealed.

Normally supplied in circular section with internal diameters of ranging from 450mm to 800mm.  Where possible Hardall always recommend the optimum size chute of 600mm diameter.  In addition however Hardall offer a complete bespoke design service to provide chutes 'fit for purpose' in many shapes and sizes.

To meet the high standards expected most hotels and hospitals, hardall linen chute doors are manufactured entirely from high grade stainless steel.  The door face has a grained satin finish with matching stainless steel surround.

Each chute is specifically designed using the latest CAD technology to meet customer requirements and to suit the building layout.  Generally a typical chute will comprise of two or three sections per floor connected by angle rings or a telescopic joint. An entry section holds the linen chute door and the chute is supported at each floor level using a special clamp band support frame.

Health & Safety
Hardall chutes are designed to be safe to operate.  Linen chute doors are finished with rounded edges and a hydraulic closer mechanism safely controls the speed of the door when closing.  An automatic 1 or 2hr fire door located underside of the first floor of the chute is where possible always installed above head height but easily accessible for re-arming.  Any electrical equipment complies with the latest IEE standards and is installed and tested by qualified engineers.

Hardall provide comprehensive and job specific method statement & risk assessment documentation at the start of each project and operator manuals at time of hand-over to comply with latest CDM regulations.

The inclusion of electrical interlocks and additional fire control equipment within the overall design can aid in meeting the needs of most client specifications.

Installation & Construction Division
Hardall provide a complete installation service.

Chute Maintenance
Generally a basic chute should be maintenance free, however where electrical door interlocks are included, then Hardall will always recommend a preventative maintenance contract. 

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