A multitude of money saving uses for waste disposal and recycling.
An automatic, hydraulically operated compactor which compacts vertically using a rotating drum into 600/800L continental bins. The Harpac APS 600 compactor  can be located internally or externally in a confined space.
  • achieves maximum cost savings
  • positioning the unit directly where waste is generated saves handling costs
  • utilises manpower effectivley as everybody can operate the unit without special training
  • can be fed whilst compacting the waste
  • helps to keep the working environment clean
  • eliminates expensive and space-consuming containers
  • minimum space requirements: needs less than 2m2 of area and only 2.3m of headroom
  • can be moved though standard doorways
  • particularly suitable for wet waste and heavy use

Food industry, Restaurants, Catering, Hospitals, Hotels, and many more.



Own weight 720 kg
Bin-content 600 or 800 Litre
Motor 1.1kw
Electrical data 2.2 kw, 380/415v, 50hz


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