NEW! Recycling Chute


Hardall Tri-Separator designed specifically to provide a solution to the problem of re-cycling or separating waste generated in multi-storey buildings.

The user personally selects the type of waste to be deposited down the chute by pushing the respective button on the push button panel above the door, general waste being the default centre position.

The deflector on the Tri separator unit quickly moves to the required position indicated by an illuminated green light 'open door' at which point the door can be opened and the waste deposited.  When the door is closed the deflector moves back to the default  reset position.

A red light on the panel indicates the chute is busy, already in use on another floor or the bins our currenly being emptied. The hopper door will remain locked in this condition.

An amber light on the panel indicates that bin is full (bin sensors required)

The addition of bin sensors to detect a full bin is recommended for improved management of this system for which remote monitoring is also possible.

This system is suitable for use with standard refuse containers and can also be used to feed general waste into an H250 bin compactor.

Proven refuse savings - Decreases amount of refuse going to landfill.

Cleanliness - Promotes an environmentally friendly community by not having to store flammable recyclables on each floor.

Labour saving - Eliminates expensive floor by floor collections.

Automatic cleaning - Compatible with Hardall's tried and tested Automatic chute cleaning system.

Solid state design - Incorporates the latest in environmental technology with solid state, quality components.

Flexible - Incorporates a fully programmable controller, adaptable to a buildings' changing needs.

Retro-fittable - Can be added to existing chute installations subject to survey.

Support & service - Hardall offer comprehensive after sales support and a preventative maintenance contract.


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