Hardall offer an extensive range of refuse compaction equipment for every situation and these include heavy duty static or portable machines for trade and industrial waste, smaller machines for catering or retail units and a range of chute fed compactors most applicable to residential buildings.




Chute Fed



Commercial Compactors

Harpac 330 - Bin Press

Harpac 1100 - Bin Press

Harpac Bergmann Roto

Harpac Bergmann R1250

Harpac Bergmann APS 600/800

Harpac Bergmann GP 1500 Gyro-packer


Static Compactors

Harpac Presto Models RHD/SHD


Portable Compactors

Harpac Presto Models HAN/HA/HG


Chute Fed Compactors

Harpac H70

Harpac H5, H6 & H8

Harpac H100

Harpac H150

Harpac H250


Catering Compactors

Harpac 706



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